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2008 Groups

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Colleen Cole, Kevin Cundiff, Keith Topolski, Donna Gruettemeyer Lottmann, Maureen Cole Booth

Linda Nash Henderson, Maureen Cole Booth, Jackie Walters Kelam, Mary Scaturo Haberstroh, Colleen Cole, Kevin Cundiff

Jacquie Parker Carlisle and Jackie Walters Kelam

Kathy Koenig Kues, Laird Maresch, Ella Rebmann Maresch

Paul Pfeiffer & Lois Wiltsch Pfeiffer

Sharon & Keith Topolski

Linda Nash Henderson, Phyllis Leonard Herod, Jackie Walters Kelam, Donna Gruettemeyer Lottmann, Mary Reineke Dinnell

Linda Nash Henderson, Tom Meitz, Christine Korzec

Barb O'Keefe Noelker, Jane Noelker, John Noelker

Candid Shot

Candid Shot

Candid Shot

Kevin Cundiff & Keith Topolski

Linda Nash Henderson, Mary Reineke Dinnell, Jane Mugg Maher, Mary Scaturo Haberstroh

Ray Pitlyk & George Meitz

Mary Scaturo Haberstroh, Linda Nash Henderson, Judy DeFrank

Colleen Cole, Jane Mugg Maher, Maureen Cole Booth, Ray Pitlyk

Jackie Parker Carlisle & Mike Carlisle

Lorraine Williams Simeone, Barb O'Keefe Noelker, Jane Noelker

Colleen Cole, Pat Bryan, Dennis McMullen, Judy Defrank, Cindy Connolly Jorel

Kathy Koenig Kues, Donna Gruettemeyer Lottmann, Mary Reineke Dinnell

Front row (contorting??) : Maureen Cole Booth, Mary Reineke Dinnell, Kathy Koenig Kues, Colleen Cole

Sitting: Phyllis Leonard Herod, Jane Mugg Maher, Judy DeFrank, Cindy Connolly Jorel, Mary Scaturo Haberstroh, Ann "Marise" Renaud Sims, Jackie Walters Kelam, Jacquie Parker Carlisle

Standing: Keith Topolski, Pat Bryan, Donna Gruettemeyer Lottmann, Dennis McMullen, George Meitz, Linda Nash Henderson, Ella Rebmann Maresch, Tom Meitz (hiding), Barb O'Keefe Noelker, Ray Pitlyk (hiding), Terry Donnelly, Josephine Certa Randall, Lorraine Williams Simeone, Anna Anthonis Bradsher, Janis Cook Hulett, Rochelle Knight Schneider